10 reasons why you should register at examfilo.com

There are many reasons why you should select examfilo.com as an exam preparation method. These are 10 reasons of them.

  1. You can get to know about the exam candidates well in advance of the commencement of exam.
  2. It is possible to make friendships and groups among selected candidates.
  3. The groups can be opened to public. This will enable potential future candidates to watch and participate in activities. So, it will increase enthusiasm among future candidates over their preferred exams.
  4. You can start the next step of your career well prepared. Because most of your friends in the Examfilo community will be potential colleagues of your future career.
  5. Users can disseminate knowledge and skills to a wider community through the groups and forums.
  6. You can easily find out people with similar interests and hobbies AND METHODS OF EXAMINATION PREPARATION.

E.g. Reading text books

Practice on old exam/Past papers

Organize study groups with friends

Teaching/Explaining to others

Visual Aids – Diagrams, Flow charts, Videos

 7.You can easily meet the experts of subjects. You may obtain advices or involve in problem solving. More importantly you can meet the people who have recently got through the exams.


8.This will completely replace the concept of pen pals or provide the easiest method to find one or more pen pals through its unique search facilities.

9.Remind you all this is a free site. No user will be charged for any activities mentioned above.

10.The group feature of this site is well suited for any business need. You can make open your business page for comments


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