Profile Search is a unique feature of this site. It will allow you to find out the exact match for your search.

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You may use the citizen/service identity card to refer your Job Title. Otherwise a list of Job Titles is found in our help page. If your job title is available there, we request you to copy and paste here. File can be opened in the browser. It is not necessary to download.

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If John is sitting for IELTS exam in August 2017

10 things John should know before filling out Advanced Profile Search Form

  1. John should register at well before the exam begins. That is before August 2017.
  2. If John is not registered at, he should first register filling out all the required fields according to the instructions given in the Registration page.
  3. John should ideally visit the  site. He should copy the exam name “International English Language Testing System” and the Short Name/Acronym of the Exam “IELTS” and paste in the required fields of the registration page. This practice will minimize spelling errors and invariably improve the quality of search results.
  4. He should repeat the same during filling Advanced Profile Search form.

E.g.   Visit the site –

Name of the Exam – International English Language Testing System

Short Name/Acronym of the Exam – IELTS

  1. Advanced Profile Search will find him all the users who are intending to sit at the exam. E.g. IELTS in August 2017.
  2. John can go through the profiles of selected candidates, before making a friend request to a user he satisfies with
  3. The colleague will go through the John’s profile before accepting friend request.
  4. Once they are friends both John and his colleague can enjoy other features of like Groups and Forums for a better preparation of the forthcoming exam.
  5. Filling all the fields will trim the results. But it may not be necessary.

E.g. If the exam is held once a year, month field can be kept blank

  1. Entries in ‘Quick Search’ may produce results which are not directly related to any exam.
    Tip : First search with 1,2,3,4,5 and 7 fields (Keep 6 and 8 empty). If you do not find continue with 6  or 8 alone.

Profile Search is a unique feature of this site. It will allow you to find out the exact match for your search.

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